Wednesday, August 05, 2009

It had to be done

Fun first: I filled in the application for the creative writing workshop, scanned it and sent it via Email. I hope they accept it, I'm waiting now for the acknowledgment. This is so exciting to go to an creative writing workshop.

Then I had to write my bills, I had too, I was 5 weeks behind. It is done now.

A few sun salutations are done, too. Not enough, not enough, but as I wasn't able to do the duties in the evening I had to sacrifice my holy morning practice. This is a punishment, without doubt.

Mysore class this evening. Ohhhhh.
And again I must hurry......


mangotree said...

I too have a Mysore class I am really looking forward to this evening. Mondays and Wednesdays for me, but I could not make it two Mondays in a row now, so it's been so exciting to go to the Wednesday ones.
Hope you have a good practice.

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Ursula said...

And I wish you the same mangotree, a wonderful practice. Here it is already Thursday morning.
I had a really intensive practice yesterday.

Have a great day