Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I was back to my routine

At 6 a.m. I stood on my mat doing the first surya namaskara A. I practiced yoga, the second Ashtangs series. Also the mind was on the mat and thought about the asanas, checked the asanas, motivated me to go on. This is always good. Not only the body needs exercise, also the mind and it is equally demanding.

Today my fingertips could only touch when I did pashasana. The book "Flying solo" waited in vain to be used by my heels as a support. The finger must be hooked before I can let my body fall back. I did what was possible, sometimes it is more as expected, sometimes less.

I had to drop back into urdhva dhanurasana. I give this pose some meanings. I think I exercise to be courageous when I do this pose. Oh, it was hard today. "I am masochistic", I thought. This couldn't stop me to lift myself up three times, deep breathing, and I dropped back three times. Good.

And then time was over. I did some closing poses, like salamba sarvangasana, halasana, matsyasana, padmasana. That was it. The body feels good, the mind produces optimistic thoughts.

Day 9: Oh, I want to count down. Nine more days at that job. Btw, I got already another job offer. It is too far away, more than 1 hour commuting time and this IS too long. And I have other plans. My colleague is very sad that I have to go. It seems that people are not neutral towards me, either they love me or they hate me. Whatever they do it seems to be rather intensive. Day 9 has come. Yesterday I checked the airlines to India, Mumbai. I have prejudices: The cheapest flight was offered by Turkish airlines with no stop. I think I will fly with the Arabs, the Emirates, it is a bit more expensive but it gives me the feeling that it is saver, too. I must sleep it over.

It seems that I will be in Munich in the first half of September. Then I will have time to write and to do yoga. The South of France with E would have been nice, but E has no time. To stay at home is nice, too.

This made me laugh yesterday. I read: "We all have a self-image that is more flattering than the truth: we think of ourselves as more generous, selfless, honest, kindly, intelligent, or good-looking than in fact we are. It is extremely difficult for us to be honest with ourselves about our own limitations; we have a desperate need to idealize ourselves. As the writer Angela Carter remarks, we would rather align ourselves with angels than with the higher primates from which we are actually descending.

Your Angel U


Anitha said...

Hi Ursula,

Where do you come in Mumbai .... If am not wrong, you come to mumbai for yoga sessions. Am from Mumbai, and hence so curious.



Ursula said...

Hi Anitha,

My main goal is to go to the morning lectures of Ramesh Balsekar. But I also want to do some yoga in Mumbai, of course. Perhaps you can give me some tips.

I will probably fly to Mumbai the 23rd Sept and I will fly back the 14 Oct. The flight is not yet booked, but this will happen soon.

Greetings and Namaste

Anitha said...


We have Ganpati Festival going on,which is celebrated for 10 days here. The immersion is on 3rd of Sept, 2009. Am just wondering if you will feel comfortable as the roads are all crowded now. Am not sure of the yoga classes in Mumbai, as its on the other end of the city. But can surely find out if you need any help.