Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I stood under the shower

I stood under the shower for a very very long time. This morning they had changed the heater in the basement from winter to summer time and each year they have to readjust it, because at least one day we have only cold water. But this evening the water was hot again and I felt how it crackled on my body. I couldn't get enough of it.
I was thinking of my mind, and what I've read half an hour earlier in the book by Richard Bandler, this genius. To be free means to be free from the mind, from its unconscious thinking patterns, from its unconscious feeling patterns that do not serve us.
I still allow others to influence my mood, I think and had my work in mind, my colleagues. I still blame others for my sadness even though I should know better. It is so easy to see the hell only in the others. But the hell is the own mind. But there is a chance, a chance to free oneself (myself) from not useful thinking patterns.
Why not take a bath? I put the cork into the drain so that the water could gather in my bathtub. I put oil into it and sat down.
Paschimottanasana in the bathtub, first lengthening, belly in and then stretching forward. The joints were soft, so soft, deep I could go into this asana with a straight back. I leaned back listening to the running water, looking at my luxury body. I made a little bowl of my 2 hands, filled them with water and poured the water into my face. I massaged my muscles with the oily water, my calves, my thighs, my strong and round yoga bum, my arms. Not everything that is nice to touch can be called a muscle. I relaxed while my feet were playing with the water. Looking down on me a smile appeared on my face. I remembered a question that sooner or later comes up when a man is a bit more interested in me: "Is your pussy hair blond too?" Usually I don't tell, I mean, I need a secret. Sometimes I play being reluctant, already ready to describe in great details my body hair. Fish pose then. Ah, and leg behind the head. The bathtub is simply too small for such advanced yoga poses. Savasana.

Oh, it is late. The cold shower is really the best after such a hot bath.
The mind, the mind, I was distracted, the mind is the prison, the unconscious thinking patterns. Time to go to bed, the mind needs a rest, too. And so does the body.


Julian said...

hum...that was rather an erotic piece that you wrote here ;-) nice.

Without wanting to start a controversial discussion, I just want to say that there is one point I strongly disagree about: if R.Bandler is a genius at anything, it's marketing; nothing else. he has said nothing new and above all what he has come up with (NLP) is so entirely unscientific that there isn't one pyschology lab or univeristy course that will endorse it or even want to mention it. Some of his ideas are interesting, but psychology is after all a scientific field based on empirism and valid research, and nice ideas are not always enough to make a theory.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. Please attach pictures.


Ursula said...

Hope you slept well.....

Without doubt Bandler is an expert in marketing.
I was so lucky to attend at a workshop decades ago in Switzerland. He sat on a bar chair dressed with colorful braces and was smart and funny. Music was on.
Is it important if something is taught as a theory in classrooms what is so practical? I had successes with his recommendations when I applied his communication skills. It helped me to sell rather successfully life insurances and it helped me to communicate with rather difficult people. (pacing and leading, to mention only a few key words)
NLP seems to be rather close to behaviour therapy, however. For me it works in daily life, this is enough.
Better to help real people than having produced a theory that is discussed in elitist circles in universities.

Ursula said...

Hi anonymous,
There is something that is called the power of imagination.


Julian said...

You have a good point Ursula, practical communication skills can be gained from different techniques and if it's useful than who cares about theory. This can also be said about many therapies with the same arguments and I can only agree on the principle that what works for some people is always positive.
I guess what I resent with Bandler is the principle of making money (loads of it) marketing a pseudo-scientific theory and making false claims.
This said, I'm glad if it worked for you ;-)

Ursula said...

Hi Julian,
Isn't it great to see that it is possible to make loads of money without doing any harm to anybody?
What I heard is he even helped a lot of person who were given up by others already.

I like Bandler's approach. To use the mind in a way that make us more relaxed and happy is great. This can be learned. Wonderful.

Oh, I must hurry.