Monday, August 10, 2009

I practiced again

It was a lovely practice. The body was not stiff as expected after 2 days of yoga vacation. There was not enough time. When I want to do more asanas, I HAVE to be on my mat at 5:45. Often it is 6 or even a bit later and this is too late. Nevertheless I had a balanced practice. Important: I had focus, concentration. I'm alone again, but I didn't switch on the radio. I listened to my breath, observed if it was evenly, I observed if it matched with the movements.
Use it or lose it: This is so true for most things in live, especially when it is time to do urdhva dhanurasana I think it is true. I dropped back again. I know this pose needs to be done. Only half of this pose is done. To come up is now the next step. And when this is done comes the next challange, it will probably be to drop back with the feet closer together. Yoga is something for a lifetime. Goals are only interim goals. To go on is what counts.

Pranayama, and meditation at the end; I chanted aum today as meditation.

The joys of uncle H.: He likes to take a beer and to go the forest with it, he cools it in the very cold little river there, then he sits down, drinks his beer and listens to the birds. How beautiful.


Anna said...

Urusla - I must tell you again - it's LOSE! :-) :-)
Anna x

Ursula said...

Oh, I blushed. Thank you so much. I appreciate it to be corrected. Thank you. I will remember now. (Hopefully)

xx U