Saturday, August 01, 2009

I had to bake it this morning.......

and now I am through. No, it was not dawdling, it needed time this idea. So far I don't know if I get 2 days off in September and I need a Monday and a Friday off from work. I will fight like a tiger, because now I know I want it, I want it.
There is a creative writing workshop in the North of Germany held by a man whom I saw once in Pune, India, sitting on a bench under a tree. This was decades ago. That time he was a famous journalist (he still is), who was working for a German magazine. His job was to write an article about Osho. He was so fascinated by Osho that he gave up his job to move to India. This was a scandal decades ago. Osho was considered dangerous, a man who was able to ruin lives, a man who could make even smart people addicted to a crazy philosophy. So Andrees Elten still exists and he has a "spiritual" center up in the North. And I decided this morning that I will do a creative writing workshop in September, 4 days long. It is mixed with Osho's dynamic meditation, writing, and a lot of fun. I will go, whatever it costs. This man is a bestseller author with a lot of writing experience and I share his attitude towards life, I think. I can take my book (How to stay slim. Hopefully it will be ready by then, at least a draft.) to that workshop to show it to him. I can get a first feed-back from a professional. Elten is now 80 years old and he is working. And why? Because he is doing something that he likes. And I want to find something that I like to do after 67, too?
It is cleaning day, today, I'm glad that I am not alone. This must be done, too, these chores. I was very busy so far, helping. I must still find time for yoga, and I will. It will be a late practice, I am flexible. I am happy with the outcome and my decision this morning. If I really want to publish my words, I must have the courage to show them to someone and to be strong enough to accept the feed-back that it is "nothing".
The picture is made in the US. It shows me how tiny human beings are in comparison to the nature. Don't take yourself so seriously, it tells me. I try.


Julian said...

Brilliant idea ! I"m always amazed how action, whether actually accomplished or still incubating in your mind, can do to spin off events and unfold a whole lot of opportunities which you never imagined possible.
And yes, one step at a time and the challenge won't look too daunting.
Regarding book publishing, I was talking to a New York editor recently and she was saying that there is a fast growing market in self-help and personal development as well as in alternative healthcare, in fact very much more profitable for publishers than fiction.
The fact is that publishers will be a lot more willing to look at book like "how to stay slim", than a first novel, for the simple reason that they can put figures on the market it fits in.
That said, creative writing is fun and can open up plenty of skills which are also required for non fiction. So good luck with that.


Ursula said...

Oh Julian, thank you!
I love my idea, too, hahahaha.

Oh my.
Thanks also for the information about the how-to-book market. I thought after so many how-to books people know already everything, but this seems not to be the case. And when I look around this IS not the case. Also here people gain weight without wanting it. And a lot of books re the topic "how not to gain weight" are on the market already. There is still a need of books of that kind. I will go on working on it. One chapter at a time. You make me optimistic.
You are writing, too, you told me. What do you write beside wonderful comments. :)
May I ask: Do you travel around in India or do you stay at one place?

Greetings from a sunny Munich.

Julian said...

In India i'll be spending 2 months in Rishikesh, then Madurai in the south, a month in Chennai (old Madras) at Knishnamacharya center, then Kerala for the Ayurvedic course. I'm also lecturing in Goa on social psychology, so that's a lot of train journeys in perspective...(nice)
If I have time I'll try to go to Mysore too in April.
So far, I've written short stories which never got published and now I'm working on a non fiction piece that compiles metaphoric thoughts on travels and the psychology of self improvement. Not sure what I'll do with it once it's done, that's not so important right now.

In my opinion, you'll need to do a lot of research on how to position the theme of your book, i.e what perspective and what angle to approach the subject from. The first question a publisher will ask is: what is new about your way of addressing the topic, what can you tell that we don't think we already know. Of course, no subject in itself is entirely new but the difference in the way you address the issue, present it, and you ability to "sel" the idea or method is important.

Food for thoughts...


Ursula said...

Hi Julian, back again.
I needed some time to comment on your comment. In the meantime I was out, the stomach needed food, too, Thai food this evening, vegetables in red curry sauce, so hot.

You are right. I should still put some work in the thought: why another book on that topic? What is so special with my book? I will think about it.

I consider to publish my book on myself. I read the book "The well-fed publisher" by Peter Bowerman. He points out how to live well when self-publishing. So far I cannot imagine that someone wants to publish a book from me. But it will remain an adventure.

I am very thankful for feed-back.

Your Indian trip sounds very exciting. Will you do Ashtanga yoga in Mysore? There you will meet many yogis/yoginis, also those who practice other styles but Ashtanga. But you probably know India very well, as it is not your first trip. I will be in Mumbai in April, the entire April and I'm so looking forward to it.

It sounds very nice that you give lectures in Goa. To work in a country gives a totally new and other view than to be somewhere only as a tourist.

To write is great, you seem to like it, too.

It is late here already. I will go to bed soon, only because I want to get up early. So many plans, you know........

Good night.