Saturday, August 01, 2009

A highlight happened

Yeah I practiced, of course. I omitted a few asanas, but no vinyasas. I surprised myself.

Fear was felt lately when I tried to jump through. Today I only imagined that I want to remain on my hands for a while when jumping. When I intend to do only this my jump through is much much better. I am always surprised what imagination can do.

But the highlight happened when I did laghu vajrasana. Today I put 4 thin cushions on the place where my head would land. That way I had not to come up from so far. Nevertheless I was rather deep down when I did it. Today I explored that it helps to push the hips forward when going down. There are these 2 movements in different directions. So I went down and as soon as I was down I wanted to come up. I used my leg muscles and arms and up I went. A wonderful feeling. I couldn't repeat it, not today.

Something else I observed: Many yogis sacrifice their straight back only to be able to bow forward a bit more. This does not look nice and many poses are not understood. I always try to keep the back straight. In the workshop with Danny Paradise we stretched the arms up to the sky before we bowed forward into paschimottanasana i.e. This really improves the forward poses. I don't do it in classes. But it feels a bit like a trick. First comes the lengthening and then the forward bending. The bending means very often opening the hips.

Three times I dropped back into urdhva dhanurasana. Here too I have to come up. Always to come up.

I sweated, I had focus, I used the bandhas and finished my wonderful practice with relaxing pose. Pranayama followed.

Yeah great.


luckylady said...

Dear Ursula,
I have been following your blog for a bout a week now and I wanted you to know how inspiring I find it and you yourself. I have even just started my own blog to help monitor the great change i am going through at the moment. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Ursula said...

Thank you CJ, and I want to wish you much fun with your own blog. To write is so healthy,I love it.

Peace to you


Tracy said...

You GO Girl!! ;0)

Ursula said...

This year, Tracy, this year I will come up. I don't want another pose that takes me 2 years to learn.

I feel it it won't last so long.

Kapotasana is the next very long project, but not laghu vajrasana.