Friday, August 21, 2009

Hahahaha, so stiff today

It is so amazing, how the body changes every day. Today my beloved body was stiff, which amused me. I have the right techniques to deal with stiffness. I focus even more on the breath, because this is what counts. A deep and even breath is the goal. This can be exercised also when the body is stiff. Doing this the body becomes soon more flexible. I did a few suryas today. It is Friday, my favourite excuse for being lazy on the mat. My few rounds of pranayama in the end were good. Tomorrow I will have time for a more intensive practice.

On rejection: Rejection is something everybody experiences during a life time and not only once. When rejected, it becomes obvious that other people have another image of us than we have of ourselves. There is a gap between the self-image and how others see us. And when rejected other people think probably worse of us than we do. Rejection happens in many areas of our lives, it can happen in our personal relationships and in our job lives. Each time a vacuum is created when the rejection goes so far that the other person does not want to have anything to do with us. This vacuum is neutral. For most people it is difficult to stand this vacuum. We are used to distract ourselves all the time. Suddenly this emptiness appears. Also the feeling of being unable to do anything, the feeling of being powerless comes up. The only possibility that we have is to accept. The vaccuum can be filled with something new. But what comes next? This is what makes life so exciting.
During my last 2 weeks new contacts develop at the company. Yesterday I spent my lunch time with a French colleague. We spent the time in a close park of a hospital. There we sat on a bench in the shadow of a huge tree ate our sandwiches and cakes and exchanged stories of our lives. It was a wonderful encounter. To be continued. I love it to get to know stories of other peoples life.
Day 11 today, 10 more days and then it is over. "Everything has an end", my nice colleague told me with sadness yesterday. "I will cry when you go." "No, you won't", I answered to console her, "we'll keep in touch."


Anitha said...

Hi, Am from India and stay in Mumbai and read your blog regularly.

I cry when my close colleaques leave the organisation. At times, I sit and wonder, why am I crying? Am I not happy that she is leaving the present job for better??? I have been in the present organisation for 7 long years and this is my first job.

I always feel motivated to do yoga after reading your blog.

Anna said...

Ursula - do you have an email I could contact you on?

Ursula said...

Hi Anna, of course I have an email. I am also on facebook.

Write me a comment with your email address and I won't publish your comment and I will answer to you.

That's the way it goes.

Talk to you soon....:)


Ursula said...

Hi Anitha,

I love it when I can motivate people to do yoga.
My blog was initiated by myself to motivate myself, it is even better when I can also motivate others.

It is very likely that I will be in Mumbai in September, perhaps you will have time to drink a chai with me?

Happy practices and

Anna said...

Thanks Ursula:
I would like to have as a goal in the near future to live in Munich for six months or maybe a year (with my husband Andrew - but he will be working in the UK Monday - Thursday). I wondered if you might give me some advice on the costs for a two bed apartment in a good area of the city? And the taxes we would pay on top of the rent. (For instance, we pay a council tax of around £150 per month). We have visited Munich before (short visits) and we really like it.
I am interested in building a life that is different from most people I know of my age (early 50s) - that is interesting and active and full of travel. I'd like to move around, live in different places and in other cultures - not stay in one place!

Ursula said...

Hi Anna,
This sounds great.....
I am curious to learn more.

Of course I will give you info and support and addresses.

Write me a comment with your email address. I won't publish it. I will answer to you then. Then we can correspond on a more private level.

Munich is great.....
I'm looking forward to meeting you.
I also know all the yoga places here.....