Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ha, I have a first appointment in Mumbai

Tomorrow I will book my flight. A colleague of E wants to meet me in Mumbai. I know her from business meetings of E. She shouldn't have mentioned that the swine flu is in Mumbai. My answer to fears and dangers like this is always: "Most people die when in bed. So it must be most dangerous to stay in bed." I simply must go. I must. She really likes to meet me. E arranged this, he likes to take care of me.

Mysore class was great. To meet my yoga friends is great, to share a common interest is wonderful. I have to come up now from urdhva dhanurasana and in life, too. Up, up, up, ahhhhh.

I almost got a cramp when I did laghu vajrasna today. I was probably done already.

My body is sweaty, really sweaty, time to take a shower.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...Ursula, did you ever think of finding a job in India? Even for a few months? Might be interesting :)
Just a thought...
Anon who thinks you are wonderful :)

Ursula said...

Hi Anon,
The first thing I do in the morning is to switch on my PC and to read my emails. This happens even before my cup of black coffee is ready to sip.
To read such wonderful emails is a very good start of my day. I love it. "I am wonderful", I will think today.:)

I also love your idea to work in India. I have not yet thought about it, but why not. But what could I do, I wonder. This is in my mind now. Let's see if this first thought will lead to anything.

Happy day for you.


Tracy said...

well..if you get a job in India..ask them if they have a position for me too right away, and I shall join you! How does that sound? ;0)

Ursula said...

Tracy, this would be over the top.
I don't know, but A wanted to open a fashion boutique with western clothes.That would be something for us........
Oh my.....we both in India.....