Tuesday, August 11, 2009

For luckylady

I am practicing Ashtanga yoga.
I love the dynamic of this practice - strength AND flexibility. In no other yoga style I was told to do this deep uddjay breathing and this is a key for so many things. To match the breath with the movement, to have focus are ingredients that give this practice meaning. This style became simply my passion. I practice most of the time alone and I feel free to add from time to time an asana to the series if it pleases me.

My evening routine: I always want to improve it. As you see, I hang too much in front of the PC. One reader once wrote me: Ursula why do you not shower in the evening. I had the problem a few years ago that time was too tight for intensive shower activities in the morning and all the other activities like yoga, letting dry the hair and so on. I had to get up so early and I wasn't used to it. Since then my main washing activities happen in the evening and somtimes I think of this anonymous reader.
I always eat. I always check my emails.
I wish I would write a bit on my book, I wish I would reflect on the day, I wish I would do some chores, I wish I'd see more often friends in the evening. I wish I would study some grammar. But time is limited and I am also lazy and done after work.


luckylady said...

Thanks Ursula..a post just for me!
I feel priviliged. I have to say from reading your blogs you definitely do not seem lazy.
I hope this next question doesn't sound shallow but when I do a big practice in the morning, I sweat, therefore my hair sweats and I have to wash because like u say to wash at night would mean extra time in the morning! Is this too OCD, vain?
Also, I am still findiny your blog helpful and very inspiring.

Ursula said...

Hi luckylady,
I sweat in the morning, too. My experience is that it is enough to wash the hair once within 24 hours. Try it. For me it is enough. But I had the same concern like you.