Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cuba libre - I have the smell of liberty in my nose

It is as it is: 12 more working days and I am free again.

Mysore class was perfect for me today. It is hot here this is always good for a yoga practice. My mind was not always on my mat, but my body was excellent, so flexible. I even managed it to lift up my hands from the floor when in urdhva dhanurasana. I sweated, I had simply a perfect practice.

When I arrived at home I found E sitting on my yoga place. "Let's go out, I need a Cuba libre", I told him. He was already informed about the news, that I will lose (oh in the last minute I remembered the correct spelling) my job before time. "Come to me". he said. We hugged each other and remained so for a while. "If you like to go out we'll go out", he said. And I had 2 Cuba libre now. I wanted it, I like rituals, symbols. "Let me travel to India," I said to him and he is absolutely OK with my plans. He loves me. He likes me to be happy. This is so wonderful.
Oh, I just looked at the watch on my PC. 10 pm already, I should be under the shower already.

Life goes on: I definitely decided to postpone to desperate. Here my plans:
After the job I will do vacation with E, it will be the South of France probably.
Then I will do my creative writing workshop in the North of Germany.
Afterwards I will go to India for at least 3 weeks.
I have to return in October to be on time in Paris for the chocolate fair.
Then it will be time again to spend some time with my bf, somewhere in the world.
Huh. I shall be busy.
Let's see what the Source, the Gods and Goddesses have planned with me. Shall the Source play with me. My body is flexible, my mind is open. And it shall be fun to play with me. Yes, play with me.


Tracy said...

doesn't sound too bad to me by any means.
the plan is In Motion Girl!!
your slate is clean and you are ready to do what you wish~
who could ask for more?
Enjoy this!

luckylady said...

Wow Ursula, the tone of your message is so positive and it seems like ther will be lots of excitemnt to come in your life soon! Can imagine how scary yet incredibly thrilling this next chapter of your life is going to be and looking forward to seeing how it progresses...and yet again you have inspired me to get myself up early for a yoga practice....thanks x

C.K. said...

Hi Ursula,

I'm so glad E. is there for you.

I'm also glad you will no longer work at that place. I think it was not good for you.

yogainparis said...

It sounds very inspiring. Our thoughts lead our present actions :-). I am 100% sure all will be great, joyful and safe.

Anna said...

Ursula -

your life sounds fabulous!

And gut gemacht on LOSE - I am so proud of you!