Thursday, August 13, 2009

Commuting time - reading time

I'm still reading the book by Elten "Karma & Karriere", an autobiography.

It is so exciting, touching. Today I even read a few sentences to my colleague. I want to share one story only.
Freely translated: Till now I don't know who readdressed Katharina's letters (a lover) (to the wife). Whoever it was, he belongs to the important people who has given my fate a new direction, scarcely somebody else has influenced my fate in such a profound way. I am thankful, what was obviously an act of revenge turned out to be a sensible turn in fate. It freed me from the bondage, I wouldn't have been able to free myself from it. I fell into an abyss of solitude and desperation, only 2 ways led out of it -the way to commit suicide or the way of a spiritual searcher. I decided to live.

Sometimes things happen that make us sad, desperate, but it can be that this will turn our lives in a direction, which is so much better than life has been so far. It is only difficult to see this in this moment.
I am so looking forward to this creative writing workshop with this gifted man.

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