Monday, August 17, 2009

Chocolate fair in Paris 16. Oct through 18. Oct

So, in October I will be in Paris over the weekend: The chocolate fair is on the schedule and so much more. So far we are 3: a yogi from London, his sister (a chocolate lover) and me.
Who likes to join? :)


Emily said...

you are an extremely lucky person! I miss Parisian chocolate.

yogainparis said...

Hello, I am a yoga teacher in Paris. I would like to join you.Namaste, Magda.

Ursula said...

Hello Magda, that's great. I will try to contact you after work.


Kevin said...

Hi Ursula,

My sister was googling the chocolate Fair and found your blog!


Jackie said...

Hi, I'm Jackie, Kev's sister
looking forward to meeting you next month

Ursula said...

Hi Jackie,
It's great that you made it possible to come.
We will have a lot of fun
I'm too very pleased to meet you.

Have a great evening.