Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Body feeling

Yoga allows to devolop a feeling for the body, more and more. I can distinguish between my different muscles i.e.. I can relax progressivly when doing an asana. I can even use and relax my inner muscles, I know my limits.

To bend back is stretching the front side of the body. It is something else than arching the back. First comes lengthening, making oneself a bit taller, not smaller, a bit more courageous, a bit more passionate.

Pachimottanasana, of course I can feel the harmstrings, but the joints are the source. From here the movement starts. This is all so exciting. My.

I was super flexible today and I had flow. The breath and matching the breath with the movements was my focus. The others helped me to concentrate on myself. Everything perfect again at the Mysore class, my highlight of the week.

And work was nice too.
I 'm enrolled now for the creative writing class in September, I hope they won't spoil me, but I cannot imagine this.

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