Monday, August 31, 2009

Better weak and painful than not at all......

Better weak and painful than not at all......
This thought finally convinced me to do urdhva dhanurasna after a long inner discussion. I lifted myself up 3 times, buh. Breathing. And I also managed it to drop back twice. To drop back from standing position is a mental exercise. One must have the courage to go into the unknown, one must trust oneself that one is able to hold the body with the arms so that the head won't touch the floor. When done I usually have a feeling of satisfaction. So was it today.

Difficult was also relaxing pose at the end. I had to convince myself to do it. I know very well how important it is to have a relaxed attitude towards life for the time being. To relax can be exercised. So I set my timer for 5 min and remained deeply breathing on my back on my mat.

I had time for the standing sequence and paschimottanasana today. Was I too late on my mat? Probably yes, but when alone I need more time, I practice slowly.

My last Monday today in that company. This evening is the little good-bye party. I love this.
How will be the weather today? I can see the sun.
What to dress? I don't know it yet, but I surely will put some thoughts into it.


Anna said...

Hello Ursula - it's raining today as usual in Northwest England :-(

I am trying veganism again! I'm using rice milk on my breakfast muesli. Have you tried it? It's a bit sweet. And as tea with cow's milk is out (sigh), I'm trying green tea but I find it bitter. I am thinking of you with your bowl of soya yoghurt and banana!

Ursula said...

Hello Anna, oh I love my banana with soy yoghurt in the morning.

The whole life is an adjustment. I love to read that you try veganism again.....

Have a great night.