Monday, August 10, 2009

At the police station

Finally I am at home again. I simply didn't like to sacrifice my morning yoga practice due to such criminals. When the rain was fading I went out with my umbrella, with jeans on and I headed to the police station a few blocks away.
I was so emotional:" I feel threatened", I told the young man (with the muscles). "You use this notion not correctly, nobody is threatening you", he told me. "To threaten is if someone wants to injure you, attack you." Something like this he told me. During our conversation I repeated:"I know I use this notion not correctly but I feel threatened." I made a criminal complaint. The policeman wrote a report that I signed. Tomorrow I will write to that criminal company what I've done. And then I hope that they won't bother me anymore. Fingers crossed.
Finally I am in comfortable clothes. I saved my holy yoga morning practice. What has to be done must be done. Time to start my night routine, shower first.

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luckylady said...

I am interested to know what your night routine is. Please can u tell me, like what sort of yoga, how much u do.
Thanks x