Sunday, August 16, 2009

Adjust your practice to your daily needs

This I read lately and this influenced what I did today. I need much time for some duties and so I limited my practice to the second Ashtanga series till laghu vajrasana.

Laghu vajrasana: It develops, but slowly. When I go back the first time, I try to do it as slowly as possible. It is not possible to come up when the head is on the floor. But today I managed it to come up twice from the cushions that I use as a support. The second time I really had to use my breath. I inhaled and the inhaling helped me to come up. For this pose my leg muscles must still develop, strength is needed. And I can imagine that it is helpful if it is possible to arch a bit more. The hips move forward. So it must be when I do urdhva dhanurasana, I think. To come up from urdhva dhanurasana still seems to be fiction. But I try it, using the breath. Back bending was deep. It improves, patience is needed. It is not necessary to hurry. As soon as a pose is mastered, the next challenging pose is already waiting.

Pashasana develops, too. I should already look for a thinner book. :)

Oh, I was out this morning and found a cafe that was open before 7 a.m. I had my first coffee there and enjoyed the calmness while I was sitting outside.
It will be a hot day here, I love it, even though I will be busy with my taxes, I will, I will, ......

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