Thursday, June 18, 2009

U's little helper:

Sharat, Sharat's CD, first Ashtanga series helped me to be focused (not only this, this CD made me start practicing). I used this CD this morning for the surya namaskaras and the standing sequence. I was wobbling, out of balance, stiff, weak, I felt dizzy in addition. The last days I only practiced the sun salutations and this is not enough. There are some people who admire me because I practice daily. I am convinced it is much more difficult to practice only once a week. It is hard, I thought after almost every pose.

I plan to practice again with the CD tomorrow. It is a great help. That way I remain longer in the poses. I realized that my breath is deeper and longer nowadays. A few years ago the counting was perfect for me, today it seemed to be rather fast.
Alone I went on with second series.
Pashasana: the fingers could touch
Urdhva dhanurasana: I pressed myself up three times, didn't drop back from standing pose.
Pranayama: four rounds
Meditation: chanted aaaaauuuuuuuummmmmmmmm (several times, didn't count)

Work: another feed back conversation today. Exactly what I wish for this morning (sarcasm).

I remember Osho's wisdom: Don't expect the impossible, don't expect to be happy all the time. Happiness can be experienced only because the opposite feelings exist, too.
My personal favourite feeling is not happiness (even though it is a nice one, of course). I wonder what my favourite feeling is. This might also change. There are so many positive feelings. Feeling relaxed, feeling trustful, feeling confidence, being curious and learning something new are feelings I appreciate very much. And there are others, too...........


alice said...

I am curious where to buy this Ashtanga cd by Sharath? Thank you!

Ursula said...

Look at There you surely find a link or you can buy it there.