Monday, June 15, 2009

This was not what I call a yoga practice

It was difficult to get up this morning. My eyes were still half-closed when I walked to the kitchen. It was as if I looked through a veil. Coffee. I loved to see the kitchen clean, my work yesterday evening. This opened my eyes, my sparkling kitchen (and the coffee).

Finally, much too late I stood on my mat. After 2 "moon days" my body was stiff. I did a few surya namaskaras A and B, then the time was over. I am a bit disappointed about this, but now it is over. I must search a yoga class for me as B. is on a workshop herself for the next two weeks. Once a week a yoga class is perfect for me. I need this to stay motivated.

Monday: Again we shall have a full week, 5 days. This requires a long and calm breath. I want to count the weeks that I want to be in the company from now on. Somehow I want to bring it behind me, knowing that this is not a good attitude. What could please me to go to my job, I wonder. My work has also very positive sides really, I must only focus on them: the nice office, the nice colleagues (there are also nice ones), that I am learning something, that I earn money that will allow me my trips. This should be enough motivation to leave the house this morning.

I haven't gained weight during the weekend. That's good. I could eat vegetables and salad at the birthday party. This was as so often the best strategy to stay slim.

Time to prepare a breakfast.

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