Thursday, June 04, 2009

Shalambasana was my back bending today

I stepped on my mat and I knew at once that I had an intensive practice yesterday evening. The body was stiff. I focused on the breath and this helped not to feel the stiffness that much. The longer I practiced the better felt my body. I made breaks between the asanas, but I remained on the mat and continued breathing. Time is without mercy. I could do shalambasana this morning. When I wanted to do pranayama and meditation I had to stop due to lack of time. Padmasanas was my closing asana today.

I love pranayama. My alternate nostril breathing exercise was my highlight today.
The 10 min meditation were long.

Why all these practices? Is my yoga practice an already lost fight against aging? I think yoga keeps me young, means strong and flexible. Often forgotten is, it also keeps me healthy. To stay slim is healthy i.e. Yoga adds joy to my life. It feels good to practice. I exercise focus, being in the here and now and this is so helpful in the chaos of life, too. In other words: What a luck for me that I found these yoga exercises.

Time to have breakfast. It will be a fresh mango with soy yogurt.
The picture is taken in the garden of my parents.

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