Monday, June 22, 2009


My practices during the weekend seemed to be intensive. I was overstretched this morning. So much, that my fingers couldn't touch the floor when I bowed forward into uttanasana during the first surya namaskara A. I was attentive, but went on. Breathing helped and the experience that it is good to go on cautiously. Finally when I did the last surya namaskara B, my flat hand was on the floor again and the pain was gone. A wonderful practice followed.
I was able to reach the wrist in marichyasana a.
It is strange, but sometimes I feel dizzy when I come out of certain poses like ardha baddha padmottanasana and when coming up from back bending (preparation for urdhva dhanurasana). I feel so dizzy, that I have to sit down, because I fear to fall otherwise. Whyever this is so. It is important to be attentive to oneself, this helps to avoid most injuries.

I did pranayama at the end. As meditation I chanted aum several times, so often till my voice wasn't trembling anymore.

I remembered my pranayama teacher in India, who wanted me to bow forward and to honor the teachers before practicing. To dedicate the practice or poses to someone might have the same meaning: to forget oneself and to think of others from time to time, to be thankful, to remember that love is something wonderful in life.

(It becomes harder and harder to leave the house to go to work. 5 working days are in front of me, I think and try not to desperate but to think that I will be able to manage it. Sigh.)


Bettina said...

Hi Ursula,

I know the dizzy feeling very well when coming out of Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana, and I also know many Yogis who experience the same. One Yogi I know who is also a physiotherapist explained it this way: if we bend forward with one foot in lotus pose the blood flow to the legs is constricted. If we go up again the blood rushes back in the legs and causes the dizzy feeling. He gave me this advice: Don't put the foot back on the floor at once but very slowly, put it to the knee first then slowly to the floor. It may take more then one breath then. This helped me very much, perhaps you want to try it.
Have a nice day!

C.K. said...

Hi Ursula,

Make sure you are inhaling when you are coming up from those poses, and not holding the breath.

Also make sure your eyes are open.

By the time you read this you will have only four days of work left this week.


Ursula said...

Thank you Bettina, for the tips. I will try this tomorrow.

Ursula said...

Dear Cara,
Yes I am counting the days. I was so touched by your comment when I came home. 4 days, 4 long days and tomorrow a meeting again. A nightmare. I do my best, more is not possible.

I will observe tomorrow if I inhale when coming up. This dizziness is new, so I must have changed something unconsciously.

Have a great day.