Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Not without my sun salutations

I don't leave the house without having done my sun salutations. They are a must. The first one is usually a bit stiff and awkward, the second one is already much better, it doesn't hurt anymore like a few years ago. So I enjoyed my sun salutations this morning. I don't want to reduce my practice to the sun saluts, for the last days it was so. This evening I go to a Mysore class, this is my motivation injection for the week. Tomorrow will be a day off, so I will have much time to practice a whole series. This shall be OK.

Yesterday the manager himself came to the office room of my colleague and me to show us our coding mistakes on the invoices. Soon it was clear that the coding list has changed. Thus we made double as much mistakes as usual. We weren't informed about the new list. Nevertheless our colleagues didn't hesitate to forward our coded invoices to our manager. I pointed out that we didn't have the new list. We had to justify ourselves already, what I don't like to do. My colleague got so upset, it was effort to convince her to stay. In the afternoon she was lauging again. Sigh.

On my way home a colleague (a tall blond woman) of another departement catched up with me and we walked to the train together. I smell it from far if someone has been for decades in the company. These people have a flair of complacency, they feel non-redeemable. This feeling soars every year being in the company.
After a few words if I walked to the train, too, the following conversation developped.
Me: You work for the company already for a while?
She: Yes.
Me: 30 years?
She smiling: Almost 27 years.
I knew it I thought.
Me: Have you ever thought to leave the company?
She: When I was younger, but not now anymore, I am over 50.
Thinking: I am also over 50, but next year I have to look for another job.
Me: I understand this.
Me: I will work for the company till next year till the end of March.
She: But then you won't get a company pension.
Me: This is true, I used to work for the medium-sized companies and they usually don't offer company pensions.
I could feel what she was thinking: Ha, I have a company pension and you not.
Further topics: where we live, if we prefer the city or the countryside.
On my way home I was thinking all the time: Shit, she'll get a company pension and I won't get a company pension. Shit.
(I wouldn't have been able to stay so long in a company, nothing for me, shall come to me, money shall come to me through other channels. Please.)

PS: I don't think that I am a very good accountant, but I am good in stress situations, I am a good trouble shooter. My colleague admires me for that. "The more stress we have the better you are", she told me yesterday, I loved this compliment, might it be true or not)


Sandra said...

It's not important what other people think, do, or have. It's important to find one's own inner center. I think, you achieved that. Don't care about HOW the universe will care for you. It will care, I'm sure. *Best, Sandra

C.K. said...

No pension, but trips all over the world and adventure and new situations and YOGA!

Anna said...

Be brave Ursula - I, too, am over 50 and don't have a pension! You have something better: fantastic inner resources.

Victoria said...

Morning Sun salutations are a must!!! Even when my bones crack and pop with protest. Somehow I always feel better afterwards.

Begin - writing, yoga, and more said...

I agree with Anna, Sandra, and CK - you have very important things going for you. Let the money come by finding something that aligns your energy with earning money.

Ursula said...

Oh my dear friends, so I will go on enjoying my life (also without pension).