Monday, June 08, 2009

It's Monday

It was very comfortable on the sofa this morning. I wrote in my journal, many pages were written today. I knew that it would be good to do something for the body, so I stepped on my mat, planning to do only relaxing asanas.
I did a few surya namaskaras a and b. This is always a perfect start. They make the body flexible, they wake me up. I bowed forward into uttanasana. Some twists followed andforward stretching while sitting on the mat. I finished with padmasana, I bowed forward and put my front on the carpet. I wanted to remain there forever.

My rounds of alternate nostril breathing reminded me how important the breath is.

To wish in the morning that the day would be over already is not a good beginning of any day. I think the work situation is now bad enough so that I must develop energy to work on my other projects. I forbid me to think further but to the next breath now.
It's raining here. I must eat something. It's energy. I want to stay at home. The working week has only 4 days, Thursday is a day off. And I need this day off. Buh, I want to stay at home, but as I am not ill (thanks God) I will go.

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