Thursday, June 11, 2009

I focus on laghu vajrasana, urdhva dhanurasana and relaxing pose

I practiced this morning and I realized that laghu vajrasana and urdhva dhanrasana belong together. Laghu vajrasana teaches me how to come up when I am on my knees, while my head is on the floor. Till now I exercise first only to go back so far that I can come up again. When my head touches the floor I cannot come up again. It is important to use the thighs and to push the pelvis forward in order to come up. The upper body follows at last.

Doing urdhva dhanurasana I stand on my feet. The arms are stretched over the head and can support the coming up. Rocking forward helps to come up, one can even push the body up. (Till now I cannot come up yet, but I'm studying how this can be possible.)

I often practice alone. My strap gives me adjustments. I bind it around my upper legs to keep the legs parallel. In both poses the knees tend to drift away from each other, the big toes want to kiss each other. When the strap keeps the legs parallel the pelvis must come forward, this finally supports the coming up. Yoga develops body feeling.

I often want to omit the 5 min relaxing pose at the end. I know that it is so important to relax deeply. It is easy after all these asanas, but it must be done. I laid done today and relaxed. It is such a nice pose.

Pranayama was great too. After 7 min I stopped meditation, I had enough, became restless. Hahahaha.


earlysolace said...

OMG. The pose in the photo at the top of your blog page can't possibly be good for your neck! Just imagine the pressure that is put on your spine through the weight of your head's contact with the floor. Ouch.

Ursula said...

It is amazing, the photo was taken in India and I was so strong that the pose didn't hurt at all.

Nevertheless, I am not convinced of this pose either, but it is part of the first Ashtanga series.