Monday, June 08, 2009

I deserve a red wine this evening

I didn't expect that people who don't like me will start liking me because this is an item on the schedule. So nothing will change. Come colleagues will love me, some are neutral, one person wants me to go. Hahahaha.
On a more general level: It is often more exciting to think of a "feared" meeting than to be actually there. Nevertheless the meeting, the people at the meeting today were entertaining, not everybody had fun.
My life at that job will remain difficult. I will go on.
Oh, time to go out......


Debb said...

Oh, dear Ursala,

I sent good energy your way on my yoga mat yesterday evening... I have gone through what you have at the workplace (in 1993)... one thing got me through a difficult work situation was a book, In the Spirit of Business, here is a link

I am still at this office (a law firm) after leaving for one year and returning, the difficult person is now gone (that is when I returned).

I admire your balance to stay in your peace through this.. at the time I did not fair so well.. but there are always lessons to be learned from difficulty...

I wish you continued peace

Ursula said...

Thank you Debb,
I felt rather relaxed during the meeting, I know I recieved energy from several sources. Smile.

Nothing is solved, but now the enemies know each other. Is this true?
Life is better and more fun when people get well with each other, but who is this the case.
I will check your link.
I have worked for several law firms (big international ones). Law firms are special, buh.

I feel even a bit pity for the woman, she seems to be so disappointed behind the open aggression. She left the meeting furiously without saying bye-bye. What can one do. She feels bad that's for sure. We all suffered a bit during the weekend.
I live day by day.

Thank you and I wish you many light-hearted days at the law firm.

Begin - writing, yoga, and more said...

Hi Ursula-
I'm sorry to hear that it's tough going at work - but -

I know that with your balanced perspective you will get through anything.

Thank God for good wines, huh?:)


Anonymous said...

I remember my mother's advice once about a difficult colleague. This woman made my life a living hell every single day at work. My mother told me that every time I was face to face with her, which was often since she had to give me work, I was to look at her third eye center and send her a mental blessing. Just some mental thought of peace. I did it for awhile and within a few months this colleague was pregnant and then not long after left on maternity leave. When she was gone, I was happy but knew she planned to return. When she asked to return to her same position, the bosses said no. She got upset but worked on a different level until she found a way to leave my office. Not long afterwards, I got her job!
Karma is very interesting...and sometimes surprising. I went on to do her job with true compassion to those I assigned work to and all was well.
You never know :)

Anonymous said...

How can anyone hate Ursula? If you want to dissarm them, love them back.

Also, I am a very active 46 year old male from Los Angeles, and you look way younger than I do.
Stay the course Ursula...

- e

Ursula said...

Thank you for sharing the story.
Thank you for the uplifting words.

There are so many wonderful experiences in my life that I can only add, it's all perfect as it is.