Friday, June 12, 2009

I am counting

I am counting, but not the surya namaskara A and B, that I did this morning. I managed it to roll out the mat and to do the sun salutations. The body was stiff, so stiff, incredible. Again I experienced how good it was to go on and to do another sun salution. With each one the body became softer. Padmasana followed. I bowed forward and injoyed my breath. Time was over.

When is half of the project over?
How many days do I still have to work?
Is half of June already over?
How many hours do I have to stay today?
When will be the next banking holiday?
How often will I still take a picture of the tree?
These questions I ask myself when I study my calender. This tells me, that I am not so happy with my job. I have really nice colleagues, a nice manager, but one difficult person in a team can spoil the entire working atmosphere. Do I exagerate? Probably, yes. Last but not least I am happy that money is coming in.

I will travel to the north of Germany late in the afternoon. I am invited to a birthday party. I won't have time for yoga and for blogging. I hope I don't eat too much...........I'll be back on Monday.

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Tracy said...

I wish you a wonderful forget about it all..and just bask in the Joy of your weekend! xo