Monday, June 22, 2009

Four days more

Four more days and tomorrow another nightmare meeting. I need glasses in order to read. But to see I can sometimes without glasses.
I am counting, the days, weeks, months, no more the hours, because I have too much to do now.
Nevertheless it is planned to stay till March 31 next year, if the Gods and Goddesses want me to do this. I want. (...and then India again)

And sometimes I have even wonderful encounters at my job. I withdraw a bit this is true, I go to lunch alone. I prefer to eat alone and not to talk, to eat, to talk to eat or even worse to listen to the complaints and gossip about others. But today a woman joined me. We talked about the beautiful stars when sleeping in a sleeping bag on the hills in front of Munich. We talked about the birds, especially one bird that she inherited. After lunch I followed her to her office room. We closed the door. She has recorded the bird on her phone and she wanted me to listen to it's words. What a great moment. This bird could speak. We smiled.

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Tracy said...

that must have been SO funny!! what a wonderful, refreshing lunch..we need more people like that in our lives!