Saturday, June 06, 2009


To focus on the breath is what I exercise every morning.
And now I focus on my weekend activities. I am able to leave the last working week behind me, I feel good. This is good news.
To be able to let go, to be able to focus are very helpful abilities for life.

Nevertheless I think I must also write about the positive experiences at work. There seem to be a lot of people who really like me and want me to stay at the company, including the manager. Incredible how an accounting job can be so emotional. I hope that the days will become more factual again. Weekend now. I need this break from work.


Anonymous said...

Ursula, seems to me the problem with those people at your job that don't like you is that they are afraid of your "higher" vibration!

Ursula said...

Oh thank you.
I think we all act according to our best possibilities.
I don't think that I am any better than them only different.

In a friendly group the unfriendly person is the outsider and the other way round. People like like-minded people and dislike differeneces, however these differences might look like.

IamIamIam said...

I remember some years ago, I was in a therapy group about 20 p. They all where very uncomfortable with me. My x often told me that I was so unaware of my energy, I was not living who I am. Today I am on track and live more and more who I am and it feels as if I have gotten on a train that runs smother, it is flowing. Today (at work) I have groups of 20 p. liking me instead. In the end it was all about me following my own path so now I thank all of those people who did not like me. They helped me on to the right track.

Ursula said...

Dear lamlamlam,

Thank you for your comment. It comes very close to how I feel. Somehow I am not at the right place in the accounts departements of this world. Accounting pleases me because it gives me security. I always know that I will get a job.

I would even say that I am above average, but it is not me.
I am searching for alternatives, the right path?

The journey goes on,......