Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A cold shower in the morning

After a sleepless night I got up at 5 as usual. Routines are the skeleton of my days. They stabilize me. No yoga today, it was my personal moon day. I don't feel sorry about it. Today I sat on my sofa and enjoyed to have time for myself before going to work. It will be a hard day. One colleague is on vacation for 2 days and I will have to do parts of her job, too. In addition my nice colleague who sits in the same room is talking the entire day without interruption. Either she has questions or she is talking otherwise. It is almost impossible to focus on my own difficult invoices. And there are difficult invoices on my desk.
It is planned to relax in the sauna after work in one of the big hotels here. It is rainy outside and very cold.
The shower in the morning after my sofa sitting session was great. The cold water always brings me in the here and now.
Might I have energy today to manage everything.

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women's exercise said...

I was in the mood for a cold shower this morning and it made me feel great. It really just opens me up and makes me feel more peaceful then hot steamy ones from time to time.