Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I slept well. This is very good.
Doing yoga I do body postures, I go (not every day) but the intention is to go to the limit and then to go a bit further. That way I developed body feeling, I know where my limits are, I am sensitive enough to feel them. I also learned to bear the pain that is felt when I reach my limits, this is often even a good feeling. Going too far into a pose can have the consequence of an injury. Thus sensitivity is necessary, it is important to respect the limits in order to go further into a pose.

I fine-tuned my sensitivity towards myself within the last years (I don't write about self-pity here). I trust myself that I will know when it is better to leave my current job. For now I will go on.

I have very nice colleagues and a smart and nice manager, too. One person wants me to go. The situation is very clear, everything is on the surface. My focus is the given tasks, this is clear, too.
To write that I like to go to work today is an exaggeration. I am very conscious that many many people are in a much worse situation. So I have nothing to complain. Life is so, up and down, sunshine and rain, storm and calmness.

I practiced today and I loved it. No challenges, I only wanted to enjoy what I have learned so far. I did the suryas, how wonderful is that. I did the standing poses and a few forward bending poses on my back bending day. I felt more like forward bending today.

Life can only be lived day by day, breath by breath.
This moment counts and it is a wonderful one.

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