Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Back to my morning routine

I practiced this morning, second serious till laghu vajrasana.

The mind: The mind is wild by nature, creative. It can learn to be focused. And today I was rather good at it. I focused on the breath, remained on the mat (physically and mentally). Only once feelings came up (my birthday party (past)) that drove me crazy for a few seconds, but I ushered the mind back to the breath.
The body was not really flexible: I could only touch my finger tips in pashasana. But (tralali, tralala) I could drop back from standing pose. I still so love it that I am able to do it. Sometimes when I am in the underground I think that I am able to drop back and I enjoy this thought.

Energy: I need energy, I have so many plans, my life is (like every life) full of challenges. How to improve my energy I wondered this morning while writing my journal:
- to drink water (no red wine anymore for a while)
- to take breaks
- to breathe deeply
- to eat less
- to think positively
- to be focused on the here and now, this moment.
These are simply, cheap, but effective methods to have more energy.

A week with 4 days awaits me - inhaling, break, exhaling, break..............

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