Wednesday, June 17, 2009

5 to 7, I had to stop

I overslept today. I wanted to write my journal, so time for yoga was limited. I am so glad that I finally found the way to my mat. There was time for a few surya namaskara A and B. Not enough. Not enough. Time is over now. My body became stiff, I ate too much chocolate lately in addition. Today is a new day. My breath shall be my focus during the day. To be aware is the goal, it's worth to put effort in it.

The sun is shining, I will wear a dress today.
An orange is waiting for me in the kitchen, something healthy in the morning
Kitchen........time to do the dishes, I want to have a clean kitchen when I return from work.
Time to go on with my life. ............

Reminder: what gives me energy?
Less food, breaks, water, being aware, enjoying what I'm doing, deep breathing.........

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Kat said...


I am curious what you mean when you say sura nakamara (or something like that I can't remember exactly) A and B, could you tell me what specific poses you like to do? I am also a yoga lady, feel free to check my blog out if you want, a world away in Kansas, USA!