Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yeah, yeah, yeah

I was on my mat this morning again and I practiced.

The breath is it that helps me to improve the asanas. So focus was my breath this morning. With inhaling I lengthened the body. This creates space. With exhaling I folded into the pose. And again with the next inhaling I tried to lengthen the body even a bit more and with the next exhaling I tried to get deeper into the pose. The breath is the secret.

I also tried to move evenly, not quick, slow, quick. slow, the even breath dictates the speed of the movements. That's the goal, I think.

With a little trick I made myself more content. Wednesday means forward bending to me now and no more doing the entire primary series. When I do more than paschimottanasana it is already wonderful. Thursday means back banding and with one back bending pose, I relax already.

Urdhva dhanurasana: I lifted myself up 3 times. In the morning I won't be able to drop back. UD is perhaps the only pose where the body is able to do more than the mind. This is interesting.

How to exercise the mind is the question?
To tell myself that I can do it is always a good idea.
To do some extra exercises will probably give me more trust.
And to visualize how I do it could be really a good idea, too.

2 rounds of pranayama (alternate nostril breathing) were performed, time was almost over.
Finally I found peace during my meditation practice. It's so necessary to have these calm moments every day as in almost all areas of my life pressure can be felt again. Am I glad that I found the concept of the here and now as most problems are future horror shows.

Picture: spring in Italy

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Andrew said...

With a title like this I was expecting reference to a Beatles song!