Saturday, April 25, 2009

We are all the same, only different

We are all the same, only different. I didn't understand this sentence a few years ago, I start understanding what it meant by it and it is so true. A sentence that can bring a new view in one's life. I do not even remember anymore where I've read it the first time. This is also not so important.
What is meant by this sentence?
Our genes our conditioning determines our lives. This is equal for every person, tall, small, man, woman. Only the genes and the conditioning is different. They give us the frame within we act, have to. Nothing must be done. Due to our genes our conditioning and what is around us life simply goes on without the necessity of doing any effort to do anything. It simply happens.

In the little village where I work a woman didn't feed her baby till it was dead. Did this woman do this on purpose, I wondered. I cannot believe this. Usually we care for babies, they look sweet for us, this guarantees our all survival that we want to feed these little creatures. This woman obviously didn't feel the same way. Voluntarily? No. Even the law judges such cases differently. She will probably put into a psychiatry and not into prison because she is considered not being able to take responsibility of her baby. But there is not so much difference between her and me.
Also this woman acted according her genes, her conditioning. What is the difference between her and a successful actor i.e. He/she, too acts according the given possibilities. We are all the same, only different.
Knowing this mercy must be felt with other people and the own behaviour.
Knowing this peace must come into ones life. Life becomes something that we can observe, it makes struggling redundant.

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