Thursday, April 02, 2009

The tree (April)

It is still cold, the tree shows that it is winter time. Yesterday the 12th month has begun, 2 months in the company are already over. One year is still before me.
And it became clear that it won't be an easy walk, but stony. I was attacked so aggressively yesterday by a colleague of the new department, that I decided to go to the boss. This was the first time of my life that I complained a hierarchy upwards because of bad behaviour of a colleague. I thought he, the boss is good-looking. I am good-looking (fact is we are the most good-looking people of both departments I am working for), he will understand me. And he did. I dumped all that stuff on him, that's the work of a boss.
The other boss of the other department had brought a cake to work. Everybody was invited but not me. In the late afternoon, I was offered to take a cake, there was still something left, and I knew that she didn't like to take the cake home again. I felt pity, took a cake, made some compliments. The cake was good. How frustrated they must be all, I thought.
It is life as it is I thought, how wonderful that I am alive. I will use this energy that I could feel at work for my yoga practice. Get back to the here and now, I told me and I can do this better and better. Yesterday was the first day of the next 12 months and it started with a lot of dynamic.

After work I was at a Mysore class at B.'s beautiful yoga studio. I was focused and had a wonderful practice with too further fellows.

At home again I enjoyed the evening till the last second, till I had to go t bed. It was 10 by then.
What else can I expect but such a lively, colorful life.
There is always the moment the here and now available for me. I like to have so many opportunities to exercise this.

My yoga practice this morning had focus. I was not so flexible. Back bending was on my schedule. Oh, was I stiff, but to exercise is the secret. Nobody has peak times every day.
Might my breath be calm and even today.
We all are as we have to be, there is no choice. Neither the others nor me are really free.


Ann said...

Ursula, I love the tree pics :) Such a good idea! Your co-workers sound rude. They need to add yoga to their lives :)

Ursula said...

Hi Ann, yoga and so much more.

It is one of the office games. Energies went up, this is life pure. Somehow I am also strong.

I wish you a wonderful day,