Sunday, April 05, 2009

To write it down, to let it happen

Lately I walked around here and I passed by a building where people were working. I had my camera in my hand to take some pictures, when I heard these workers shouting: Take a picture of us. If it is so easy to make a joy to other people, I will do it. I took some pictures, we laughed, we had some fun. I shouted back: May I publish you in the Internet? Yes, yes I heard. It was not an empty promise as can be seen.

Work: "Write it down and make it happen" is a book title. I changed it to "...let it happen", because nowadays I like to see the passive aspect of life.
I am so amazed I must write about the following. Usually I think of 10 goals I want to work with. As often as possible I write them down (3 times a day or more often). Sometimes I only remember 8 goals, which tells me how important it is to write it down. If I do not even know what I want to achieve, how can I know when I've achieved it?
Re my job life I wrote down in the beginning of the year: A job that allows me to do yoga (means it must be possible to start working at 9). Two months later I had this.
Then I changed this goal to: Keeping this job for 14 months. This seemed to be difficult as I hadn't enough work in that company. 2 months later it happened that I should work for 2 departments, I have enough work now and it is much more likely that I will be able to stay there for the next 12 months.
Now I will have to think about the next step: It can be to have enough power to work 40 hours a week to earn some more money than I do now with about 35 hours.

To write something down is such a powerful tool. I so recommend it.

Regarding Ashtanga yoga I got modest: Only 2 poses I write down, urdhva dhanurasana and supta kurmasana and both asanas improve so quickly. Ahhhh.


Florian said...

I too read the book, "write it down, make it happen" and I love your idea of changing "make" to "let". Makes it feel a lot less contrived for me. Thanks!

Ursula said...

....and what can we do?
I more and more see that in fact everything happens.
I observe and I am entertained.

Have a nice time.


Me said...

I really like that they wanted you to take their pictures. Imagine the kind of freedom and joy that they must feel to make such a request of a passing stranger. "Capture us! Capture us in this moment and show others that we were here and we mattered."