Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A sticky person on a sticky mat

I seem to have been a bit optimistic yesterday, I feel still ill today. Movement is good for the body and so I found myself on the mat. Modest. I only wanted to do what was possible easily. And what surprise I had a sweaty practice till parsva dhanurasana. That's how far I practice now the second series. I loved my practice and I knew that it was good that I practiced. I feel great now.

We all have to handle moods, illnesses, injuries. Sometimes it is necessary to withdraw to take a break from everything, but more often more is possible than thought. To stick to routines, perhaps to modify them a bit is great.

I knew that I had to start earlier with my practice than the other days in case I wanted to have sufficient time. My resolution was simply to step on my mat at 5:45. It was 5 to 6 when I was finally on my mat, but this was still good and on time. For tomorrow I have the same resolution: I want to be on the mat at 5:45 and if I only sit there..........

All my colleagues are ill. It is the German illness, to go to work when ill - how important we and our work is, especially when we have to crawl to work. Oh my. I am the same. Especially when I am ill I feel important like never. I simply have to go to work and suffer there.


joy suzanne said...

Yeah, the Americans are the same! But then I found out that Americans come from German ancestry in higher numbers than any other nationality. Perhaps it's genetic?

Hope you're much better soon!

Grimmly said...

Sorry you haven't been well Ursula, hope it clears up soon. Practice helps me when I'm sick too, seems to help sweat it out. Just hard getting out of the sickbed and onto the mat in the first place.

Ursula said...

Yogis and yoginis heal soon. :)

Yes, every day I feel a bit better.

Thanks. Practice was great this morning, had missed it.