Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A sofa session again

I didn't like to sit on the sofa again the whole morning, observing heavy, melancholic but also aggressive thoughts, but so it was. I felt too heavy for yoga, felt motionless. But I feel it already, I am back to normal soon and soon I will be able to become active, means to organise my birthday parties with love and passion and fun. Relatives, what an invention!!!

I haven't slept so much this night. It doesn't matter. The stress gives me a lot of energy, even focus. I had a wonderful working day yesterday, not too much work and not too less. I hope this will repeat today.

This morning I paid bills, that was also something, that I accomplished.

Oh, and I've forgotten to mention it: I will travel again. On Friday I will be on my way to Italy. Yoga in Italy, I am looking forward to it. And again, I must hurry up.


joy suzanne said...

Wonderful! Lino?

Tracy said...

you are so funny...
"relatives, what an invention" it sounds like a soon to be famous quote!
have a beautiful trip..lots of yoga, lots of rest and a fresh perspective! just what the doctor ordered..but who needs a doctor! xxoo

Ursula said...

No, not Lino. I know that Lino has a yoga studio in Mailand now, but we will be behind the Alpes at the Lago di Garda.

Ursula said...

Still 2 working days and then 4 days off, it is beautiful. Time, yoga the sun, good Italian food and time to write. Perfect.