Saturday, April 25, 2009

So good, my practice this morning

In the middle of the primary series I wanted to give up. I was exhausted. During the last week I only did a few asanas, so I got weak. (I was ill.) But I went on this morning and I sweated. To go on till parsva dhanurasana was of course too much, I did the whole first series. Nevertheless till my Indian trip last year I got stronger in general. I do vinyasas also between sides now. Before my Indian trip I did vinyasas only between asanas when I practiced alone. Most of the time I did even full vinyasas today.
The practice with a few pounds more on my ribs was more exhausting than usual. Not to practice or to practice very modest and to eat the same amount of food makes me gain weight at once. So today I was back on my mat, ready to become fit again.

The yoga way cannot be described as climbing up a mountain and finally one is at the top. It is always up and down, up and down. It is important to go on when on a personal top and also when on a personal down.

Supta kurmasana was bad today, so what. Marichyasana b and c were great. Focus was my breath. I was very happy because the breath matched with the movement when I did surya namaskara B. This only happens when practicing a bit faster than surya namaskara a. So I had my highlights and my disappointments and all within 90 min of practice.

If the breath is important, it is good to practice pranayama. The breath connects the body with the mind. The breath has the power to influence the feelings. The possibilities of the breath are underestimated. I enjoyed my few rounds of alternate nostril breathing. Go to your capacities, but not beyond, my Indian pranayama teacher told me and this I respected.

My 10 minutes meditation were great at the end.

(Now I must call my parents and handle their disappointment because they have not yet a birthday card invitation.)
It is sunny here, a perfect day in other words. I want to be entertained.

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