Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rainy and sunny

The weather forecast predicts sun and rain on my birthday. From everything a bit, as usual.
When I tell that I turn 50 in a few days and that half of my life is over now, people usually answer: You are rather optimistic. Yes I am. 100 is doable, I think.

Firstly I have to survive my birthday parties. I am glad that I have different parties, one with my best friends and the other one with the family. Oh and I will also be alone with me, I will have a day off and I will soooooo enjoy it.
The family brought me already to the point that I start thinking like they do: Oh am I glad when it is over. NOOOOO. When I think so I don't like to have a party. I want to enjoy it. I want to think: when does it start, I can't wait and this shall last forever, at least a little eternity.
Resolutions are made. Next birthday party with the family will be in 10 years. I know it is almost a crime that they do not get an invitation card, it is without style. Nothing can be shown to the neighbours and relatives. But they will have to live with it. They got a phone call and an email. Enough. A friend said to me: It is nice to live such an etiquette. It is, but only if it is no pressure, if it does not come with expectations nobody can fulfill.
I will exercise my humor. It is a weak plant, but I will water it and till my birthday it can become something solid, something flourishing, like the tree at the opposite of the street. Fun is on my schedule, Champagne, good food, castles and people, who bear me since 50 people. A bit discontentment and carping shall be allowed.

So - rainy and sunny, like my life so will be the weather on my birthday, from everything a bit.


YogaforCynics said...

Sun and rain...pretty much a solid forecast for anybody's life....

Happy birthday, and try to survive the family....

Ursula said...

I will do my very best. Smile.

Skye Jacques said...

You're very optimistic! I just had my birthday and for me, that was the point of having half of my life lived and the other half left to live. I'm 25.

MissBliss said...

Happy Birthday!

Life is too short; we must be selective with our company! We deserve to design and live happy lives, and know bumps will be there, too.. But boundaries with family can be a key to survive!

Enjoy the party!!!!