Sunday, April 26, 2009

The position of the hips

The breath is my focus nowadays.
But beside the breath I checked the position of the hips this morning during my Ashtanga practice. They are supposed to be parallel most of the time. It is so easy that they get out of line. This makes in most cases the pose easier, but also sloppy. The hips are also the pivot when forward bending. Forward bending starts from here, the back is supposed to remain straight in most poses.

Beside my yoga practice I try to do what has to be done i.e. going on organising my birthday parties.

I try to create little oasis in my life. Every here and then I have the feeling that I want to escape, to withdraw from everything. This can also be done mentally, but not always it is successful. Oh meditation was restless today. I stopped after 4 min. Pranayama was great. I love my breath.

Picture is taken in Italy, Lago di Garda.

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