Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh, a phone call from Nouvelle-Calédonie

I actually realized that I got a postcard from Nouvelle-Calédonie this morning. Yesterday in the evening I was too tired to check my mail. My friend A had written me a postcard. This morning (her evening) she called me from Nouvelle-Calédonie. It is far far away from Munich, where it is I don't know exactly, have to look it up.
What are a few more wrinkles, a few pounds too much on the hips, a few wrong teeth, tired eyes, that need glasses to see the world clearly, when it is possible to experience the joy of friendship.
This really is my greatest gift, that I have friends, whom I love and who love me.

A story from my beloved Grandma:
Someone asked her: How old are you?
She: Me,too, I was 17 once.
The same person: You are 100.
She, with a face of incredible astonishment: What? So old already?

When we are really old we often forget our real age (the age according to our calender). I can still remember. Smile.

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