Saturday, April 04, 2009

My body feels purified

I had a late yoga practice this afternoon (full vinyasas, but also a few breaks). My body seems much more transparent than a year ago. This is a wonderful feeling, it is as if it is cleaned from the inside.
No asana highlights happened, the breath was with me, I sweated. I enjoyed my practice, being in the asans, hearing the breath and experiencing flow.

At work I realized that my concentration is rather good in comparison to other colleagues. Did I learn this from my yoga practice I wondered. It could be.

I finished my yoga session with pranayama and meditation. 4 min I could sit then I got nervous, I stopped meditation when I looked on my timer the first time, but so far it has been already good.

(A side remark: How can I stop feeling tyrannized and dominated by my parents. They miss the birthday invitation already. I only make this one party for them. I want to have fun organizing it, no stress is necessary. No phone calls are necessary to ask me if the invitation is sent already. Point and sigh. There is still a long way to go. Sigh again. Why can I not understand them and why can I not feel mercy with them.)


Sandra said...

hm, I think parents always want the best for their children...and sometimes they just don't get used to the point the "children" are not 3 years old anymore... Maybe you could see it from that point to handle it...? No new idea, but it works for me most of the time.

Ursula said...

Hi Sandra,
Your comment makes me smile, because fact is I turned 50, but I am treated like a 3 year old.

I try to see that they cannot be different. Sometimes it drives me crazy.

Ursula said...

Not yet 50 but I will. OHhhh, no not yet. I insist - I am still 49.