Friday, April 03, 2009

Music on the balcony

At 3 p.m. I left the company. All of my colleagues were still working. But I am a freelancer and I wanted to go. I needed some energy to go (I felt a bit uncooperatively), but the sun was shining, I simply wanted to go. Of course I asked if there is something important to do. But my assessment of the situation: everything could wait till next Monday. The boss even had sent us an email to go home as soon as possible (because of the sun). So I went. It is a sunny day here. I only wore my jacket. Good atmosphere expected me downtown. On a balcony of one of the big store houses music was plaid: Elvis Presley i.e. The people in the pedestrian area stopped and listened to the music, applauded and the mood went up, I guess.

Then I headed to the electronic store:
There was an info desk.
Me: Do you know where I can get a cable?
He: Which cable?
This I had feared, there are choices.
This man must have felt my desperation he added: Go to the equipment over there.

There I was looking for another salesperson and I found one:
Me: Hello, I have a red Dell PC and a harmon/cardon player. Lately I was convinced to upload the i-tune software from apple. And now I want to connect these goodies. I was told I need a cable for this. Do you have such a cable?
He: Yes we have, how long shall it be?
Me thinking, OMG, how long, I don't know.
Me: long.
So I tried to imagine the distance between my harmon/cardon and my PC and bought 5 meters. I still had a question in mind. And now I started loving this young man. He must have felt the question that was on my tongue: Where to plug it? Without asking the man explained me where to plug.
Me: Do you think I will be able to do it?
He: Yes.
This man expressed so much optimism and optimism is contagious. I will be able to connect my PC with my harmon/cardon. This shall be one of my weekend projects. To connect the PC, the Dell with the player, the harmon/cardon, yes......

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