Monday, April 27, 2009

Less asanas, but pranayama and meditation

I had a lovely practice this morning. I was a bit late on my mat, so I had to compromise a bit. After some forward bending and a short closing sequence I sat down for pranayama. Only a few rounds are enough. And then I meditated 10 min. I loved it.

The asana/vinyasa practice is good for the body. It gives me strength and flexibility for the day. It also prepares me for pranayama. Pranayama controls the feelings and the thoughts. It connects the body and the mind. Meditation is a perfect end. Thoughts come and go. My meditation practice is more or less a concentration practice. Each time when thoughts come up I name them mentally (future planning, feelings, restlessness, past, hearing) and then I go back to the breath. "I am", I think, while being aware of my inhaling and exhaling. I go on observing the breath, till the game starts again. The effect of this exercise is that I become calm and that I bring myself in the here and now.

Only the here and now exists. These practices makes me live intensively.

Picture: Another picture from the Lago di Gardo

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