Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Janu sirsasana D

Janu sirsasana d is considered as one of the most difficult poses of the first series. This picture was taken 2007. It was hot and my body was flexible. I had no problem to twist. When I look at that picture a title comes into my mind: Wonderful is the present, I am looking forward to the future, too.

No yoga this morning. I simply have to do something else. The tax office reminded me to pay the income tax and I consider myself happy because they didn't charge me with a fee even though the payment is overdue. This must be done. Today.
The bills must be written. Another bill must be paid.

This evening I go to a Mysore class and this shall bring me back to a more healthy lifestyle: I eat too much chocolate and I want to do more than a few surya namaskaras in the morning. So resolutions are made already.

It is dark here and cold, we all hope here that this will change. And it will.


Andrew said...

Ha Ha, April Fool's. This is Marichyasana C on the left side. See what taxes do to us? :-)

Andrew said...

PS You should be clasping your right wrist with your left hand :-)

Sandra said...

This is a wonderful picture, thanks for sharing it! Where has it been taken?

Tracy said...

i tiwll change and i so love this shot of you along the water...beautiful! xo

Tracy said...

i don't even know what i wrote there..really MUST check my spelling!!!

Ursula said...

It was Gran Canary.

Thanks all.

joy suzanne said...

Oh my god! It was an April Fool's!

I saw it originally but forgot about the day... hahahahah. I just read it and thought, whaaa? Ursula!

The wrapper does the grabbing! hee hee

Begin - writing, yoga, and more said...

Hello Ursula!
Only yoga geeks would get that this is an April Fool's. Ha Ha - very funny!!