Saturday, April 04, 2009

It can only be awareness

Also the breath is moving. When I inhale it feels totally different than when I exhale. The breath is lively. The asanas are what can be see from the outside, the body moves into different poses, the single asana can be held, but soon we move to the next one. The bandhas are inside, always at the same place, but movement is felt here, too, as I release them when I inhale and I use them when I exhale. And movement can led to imbalance.
Only awareness is stable and calm. One can get back to it all the time, it is always available when lost performing these demanding asanas and when lost in the chaos of life. Awareness is the quite point, that does not move. And this is what I want to find when I do this lively Ashanga yoga practice. To perform these crazy asanas is amazing, but it is easy to get lost even in the own admiration. To practice asanas with vinyasas perhaps finally leads inside. First it is the asanas that are so captivating, then the breath, lively too, then the bandhas and finally this nothing that is not moving at all but observing all this. When found this quite place, which is always there everything can happen outside, peace is still felt. This inner peace shall be my focus today when I practice. Focus today might be awareness. I will observe what my body is performing, what my breath and my bandhas are doing. It is not possible to do asanas around the clock, but this awareness can accompany me where ever I go. The mat is a place where to practice under easier conditions than in real-life scenarios, but finally this awareness will spread.

So again my yoga practice is an awareness practice. Curiousity might substitute ambition and wanting and doing. To let go, to let it happen is the way, from active to passive.

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