Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I so wanted to meditate after my asana/vinyasa practice

Back on my mat: I am still a bit ill and I cough from time to time, the nose is clogged a bit, the body weak. What a surprise, the body felt transparent, when I practiced asana/vinyasa yoga (Ashtanga yoga). I think this is because I didn't drink wine at all the last days. This is so good for the body. As main poses in the middle part I did paschimottanasana and urdhva dhanurasana. Oh, I needed more time for more asanas.
(I will be so spendthrifting on my birthday to drink only a few gulps of my Champagne when this shall be enough. I will pour the rest away. It is more or less a symbolic drink, no need to exxaggerate.)

A few rounds of alternate nostril breathing followed. And I meditated. There was the huge wish to meditate. What does meditation mean for me for the time being? Sitting on my mat in silence reminds me to live in the here and now. It is a protected situation, I am only distracted by my own thoughts and the sound of the heater. I am alone with myself. It is easier in such a protected situation to practice awareness and not to get lost in daily life with its auto-pilot reactions. After 10 min I was almost a bit disappointed to hear my timer. It was so nice, only to sit, to know that I live - that's the gift, that we live.
I am glad that I have Mysore class this evening. It is the highlight of the week.

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