Monday, April 20, 2009

I blame my yoga practice for this

I was ill, I was in bed with fever during the weekend, but I recovered rather fast. Within 2 days I feel so fit again that I will be able to go to work. This is because I am strong due to my regular yoga practice. Of course I cannot be sure of this, but I believe so.

An intensive life and a quick death, if yoga can bring this it is a huge gift. What else can one wish.

This morning I rolled out my mat again and did surya namaskaras. It felt so good. I was modest as I still feel week. Tomorrow I will be able to do more.

No extra hours of work today, this is sure, to recover fully has priority.
Birthday planning is going on: I already told the bosses that I will take a day off on this day. Half of my life time is over I tell everybody, must drink Champaigne on that day. No work.
Picture: Another picture form Italy around the "Lago di Garda".


Ann said...

Hi Ursula! Glad you are feeling better! You have bounced back so quickly :) This is good.

Love the picture, as always.

Tracy said...

i want to wish you an early happy i have been SO busy. but..i wwould like to send you i want you to send me your address again!
this time i will add it to my new address book and never have to ask again~
i hope you are doing much better, it sounds as if you are and that does not surprise me at all, becasue like i always say..only the strong survive!!
much love to you my dear friend~

Ursula said...

Oh my dear Tracy, my greatest gift is to have a friendship with you, you know this.

But yes, I am a child, of course I like to open a present from you. I will send you my address.

No worries, I will give you my address again and again. Smile.

Have a great day.
xxoo U

Ursula said...

Thank you Ann.