Sunday, April 12, 2009

I am an experienced traveller

On Friday evening when we arrived at the hotel where we've already been 2 times, we had to learn that we hadn't made reservation. The online reservation is so confusing and in Italian language, that only when getting 2 emails the reservation is done. The owner of the hotel remembered us from earlier years (people remember me, it is so, I write this without arrogance) and was so sorry. It was not the first time that this had happened that day. He organized another hotel room for us. This was great luck as the hotels are usually full during these Easter days. E. said "sorry" to me. But there is no reason to feel sorry. To travel means to be flexible. Not everything is predictable. To travel is always a bit of an adventure. Traveling means to love the insecurities, the adventure. And I love it.

The hotel room that we have now is closer to the the shops and restaurants, but there is no view to the lake. What is important for me is that I have room for my yoga practice. And I have room. Yesterday in the evening I practiced. My stomach had to be empty again after these 3 course menue during lunch time. I guess today it will be the same. I will eat much during lunch time. We made a reservation at a restaurant in the mountains, a really lovely place. And the sun is shining, too. Beautiful. In the evening I will practice. Ohhhh.


Andrew said...

You are closer to the shops, uh oh!!

Tracy said...

oh ursula~ it sounds SO perfeectly wonderful!!!!! Enjoy!!!xxoo

Ursula said...

Yes Italy is nice, I also made a few nice pictures, will publish them when I'll be at home.

Yesterday I was not willing to spend 275 Euro on a tiny jacket, but it was so cute and exactly my size........
Ahh, it is not necessary to have everything.

The sun shall be enough during these days here.