Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hors de combat

I need a break from sleeping. My skin is hot, I have fever. My throat hurts awfully in other words I am ill. I thought I couldn't sleep again, but I can. I only take a break from sleeping. My self-made winter socks warm my feet.
When I am ill I always know that I need a break. I need to withdraw a bit before everything can go on. again. I fear this b-party is in my mind. It drives me crazy. I will be able to handle it with calm, I just tell myself.

Back to bed. I am alone and so I allow myself to express a bit self-pity: I so wanted to practice today. But I need sleep. Bed I am coming.


Andrew said...

Awe, feel better. You"ll be back on your sticky mat before you know it :-)

Ursula said...

Thanks, I know, I heal quickly. :)

joy suzanne said...

Pauvre Ursuline! Soigne-toi bien!!

Ursula said...

Merci joy suzanne. :)

Sandra said...

Take all the time you need to recover...I'll send some positive energy over to you. Best wishes!

Tracy said...

so sorry to hear how sick you no time at all you will be up and running, or rather up and Yoga-ing!! Sending you healing from afar my friend~

Ursula said...

Thank you Sandra,
Thank you Tracy,

Sometimes the body needs time out.
I'll recover soon with so much positive energy from you.